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Stretching is the worst thing for back pain

We’ve all been there.

Sat down at your desk and didn’t move till lunch...or worse, 5 pm! All that time hunched over the laptop or tablet and staying put in your chair...and then you try to does your back or hips feel?

Probably pretty tight, sore, maybe you can barely move.

So you stretch it out. Do a few child’s poses, forward bends, tuck the butt under, or pelvic tilts a few times. All with the goal of stretching the low back because it feels good and at the moment, you get a release.

Tension and tightness ebb away….but does it?

It’s back the next time you sit or stand in one position for a while and you repeat the process.

I’ll cut to the point: STOP STRETCHING.

It’s not working.

It’s not doing what you think.

All that stretching is just stretching out the muscles, tendons, and ligaments and basically turning them into a worm out sock elastic.

After all that stretching, you’ve basically taken a bunch of muscles that used to act like a ship’s mast and turned them into a ten-year-old pair of socks that never stay in place, get bunched up, and otherwise suck.

Hopefully, you get my’s what you SHOULD do:

  1. Focus on Extension, not flexion/rounding

  2. Strengthen your abs, spine, and hips.

  3. Bring back multi-dimensional movements, your back was made to move and rotate, let it.

Your Quick Back Saver Exercises:

  1. Pull your head back over your shoulders. Trust me, your traps and neck will thank you. Not to mention ease tight shoulders, necks, and headaches.

  2. Squeeze your shoulder blades together a few times. Not only will this help with the first exercise, but you might also just start breathing better as you open up the front of your chest.

  3. Gently twist side to side, leading with your shoulders, allowing your eyes to follow and look as far over the shoulder as possible.

While you do all of these, keep your abs gently braced and engaged. Think about lifting from your pelvic floor up towards your stomach. Yes, male audience, you have a pelvic floor too.

In yoga, the belief is the twisting action - aka “soak and squeeze” - helps promote healthy blood flow and organ function.

A healthy spine is a fluid spine, it can rotate, bend, and keep us upright. Our computer/desk-bound lives are completely opposite of healthy spines and you have to compensate for it.

Stop stretching.

Start strengthening.

Your back will thank you, from your skull to tail bone.

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