About Margreta

I started my company in 2015, originally named Mind, Body, Spirit Performance LLC, when I decided I wanted to reach more people than my local neighborhood. I wanted to help more people experience my proven program.

I help busy wellness seekers improve their bodies so that they can develop newfound strength and mobility, dominate in their competitive or recreational sports and activities, and achieve a sustainable healthy life.

I only work with busy wellness seekers who are willing to put in the effort to achieve a better body, highly motivated individuals who approach barriers with sledgehammers and are genuinely optimistic.

About my programs

With my help, my clients WILL develop the strength and mobility they need to dominate in their competitive and recreational sports and activities, achieve a sustainable healthy life, all while preventing injury and chronic conditions. 

I provide much more than the average fitness or strength training program, I provide my clients with the whole picture, focusing on three main pillars:

Pillar 1: Mobilates

A 3 prong approach to building a healthy, strong body, called  "Mobilates."

Most online programs use random, long, drawn-out, and unrepeatable workouts not designed for people with autoimmune or chronic health conditions.


All these do is create dysfunctions, making it difficult to see the return on investment week after week, and worse, many exercise programs actually cause exercise-induced flares.


My "mobilates" system guides you through a highly modifiable program designed to build strength, mobility, and lose weight all while not inflicting more pain and suffering on your overall health. And guarantees you’re getting, seeing, and feeling results starting right away.


When done right… not only will you look and feel better… you’ll also wake up feeling great, jump [and not crawl] out of bed, no longer feel weak, stiff, overworked, or in a flare by the next morning.


It's the difference between perpetual pain and perpetual progress.

Pillar 2: H.A.B.I.T.S not fads

HABITS stands for:

  • Healthy

  • Attainable

  • Building Blocks

  • Impact

  • Transformation

  • Sustainable


What does that look like in action?  Well, your healthy and attainable building blocks have a huge impact and are tiny changes that are sustainable for life.  


Building healthy habits around eating well and physical activity is one of my cornerstones in my program.  


We’ll form a partnership to focus on your goals and aspirations for the present and future to achieve a life without limits so you can thrive. 


We won’t use any fad or crash diet, but simple, easy, and sustainable eating focusing simply on how to structure your plate.


Because, if you’re not feeling stronger after your workouts, you’re feeling “fried” and or getting exercise-induced autoimmune flares, then—I’m willing to bet a steak dinner, HABITS are missing in your training.

Pillar 3: Advocacy

Making changes to your health and wellness is no easy feat.  


You need help.  


If it was easy, we’d all look like Instagram models and the wellness or the medical industry wouldn’t even exist.


The effort you put into your health and wellness has a direct impact on the success of your results.

Getting there requires an advocate.  Someone to help guide you.  Help you overcome the setbacks.  Help you celebrate the successes.  Remind you of all the successes when you slipped and ate a pint of ice cream.


To support your changes when your friends and family aren’t ready to make those changes too.


As your advocate, I help you build the habits you need to make successful, realistic, and sustainable progress to achieve your results.

We’ll form a partnership.  We’ll work together to move into a new chapter of your life, one with you managing your health and fitness and not your health dictating what you do daily.