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I help people living with autoimmune and chronic health conditions rebuild their relationships with exercise, food, and their bodies.

Let me tell you a story…


Let's say it's Monday morning.  You‘re going about your normal routine, and then you realize something: you're exhausted, no matter how much sleep you’re getting. Your gut is bloated or nauseous constantly; every joint in your body aches for no reason and sore muscles turn into painful knots far too often. You are less excited about hobbies you used to enjoy.  


It’s not a secret that focusing on your health can be challenging, especially when living with an autoimmune or other chronic health condition.  There are always going to be hurdles or times you miss out on the things you love doing because of your condition.  But it doesn’t have to be that way!


Maybe you want to go for a hike but struggle with joint pain, maybe you crave sugar all day long and are searching for healthier swaps, or maybe you just want to prevent your condition from getting worse. 


I get it!  It’s hard living with an autoimmune condition without any support and real guidance! I’ve lived with an autoimmune condition for my entire adult life and it took 7 years to get a diagnosis.  I know the ups and downs of pain, fatigue, and loss of motivation. 

I’ve missed out on events with friends because the lack of energy and pain kept me sidelined. 

I've learned from my own experiences and those of my clients and developed a system that motivates my clients to exercise, eat well, and get back to enjoying life. 


Let me help empower you in creating life-changing habits that will engage both mind and body again.

FREE: 5 Day Reset & Lower Your Inflammation Naturally

5 day challenge - inflammation guide (1)

I’ve taken my best methods of helping my one-on-one clients and turned it into a FREE all-new 5-Day reset!


During the challenge we’ll be covering:

  • How to naturally reduce inflammation

  • Which exercises help reduce inflammation

  • What not to do to lower inflammation (no fad diets or products here!)

  • Why chronic pain, inflammation, and sleep are linked and what to do about it


And as a bonus, I’ve created a supportive online group for my clients and participants in this challenge.


"My goal for COVID was that I would have a six-pack stomach by the end of it. I knew that improving my eating, sleep and exercise all went with this goal. But I needed a motivator and expert to lead the way. With the gym closed due to COVID, I switched my training routine from working with a swim trainer and taking classes at the gym to working out at home by myself to hiring Margreta.

Not only has Margreta helped me get a core that is definably toned, she has leaned down my legs and kept all my pre-covid clothes fitting perfectly--and I only need to work out with her 2 hours a week. Margreta gets fitness and motivation. She is realistic and grounded and has a brain that she is constantly filling with expertise. The best part is that it is virtual, so I can pack more into my day because there is no commute to meet her. Thank you!!"

— Emily, Baltimore, MD

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