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Does this scare you? Where are you are today is simply the result of the choices you have made.

Where are you are today is simply the result of the choices you have made all day every day leading up to this moment.⁣ Well does it, scare you that is...

I talk to so many autoimmune folks who want to make changes to their lifestyles so that they aren’t controlled by their condition. They want more.

Folks who say that things can’t just stay the same.⁣..

  • Sleepless nights from pain or unable to sleep,

  • Painful, stiff, or achy joints and muscle,

  • Mysterious illnesses, injuries, and reactions to foods or activities,

  • Low energy and motivation to do the things you love to do,

  • Making up excuses why you can’t go to events friend/family get-togethers,

  • Endless appointments searching for answers. Defeated and miserable because no one has an answer.

  • Or worse, left feeling like it’s all in your head.

But when it comes to making the decision to do it differently…Whether that’s to...

... invest heavily in themselves,

... put themselves out there in a whole new way,

... change their diet,

... change their exercise habits and routines, etc...

They just can’t commit.⁣

And it’s always fear that is the underlying cause for keeping us the same, stagnant and inflamed..

That’s normal. That’s the function of our brain… To keep us safe and from doing different things.⁣

And we can even fool ourselves into thinking that we’re taking different action and making different choices…

But if it’s in the realm of our safety zone, it’s a different version of the stuff that got us where we are.⁣

Creating a life where you are in control and not your autoimmune condition requires extraordinary actions, including:⁣

➡️Huge, heavy investments in yourself.⁣

➡️Willingness to change and focus on self-healing, trying new things, working on your mind: body connections.

➡️Deep desire to rebuild your life and body.

➡️Having support 100% of the time that you are rebuilding your relationship with your body business from someone who has done what you are looking to do.⁣

➡️Putting yourself out there in a way that risks changing not only your life but those around you. judgment, criticism, and rejection.⁣

➡️Thickening your skin… Seriously.⁣ An autoimmune condition is NOT for the faint of heart. Give yourself some dang credit where it’s due!

➡️Always choosing the scary thing. ⁣

➡️Being relentless in the pursuit of your dream to have fewer flares and fewer doctor visits...even if it feels like nothing is working. ⁣

I’m curious, autoimmune folks, coaches...what’s your key to creating the extraordinary? 👇

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