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Healthy eating can’t be simpler

Many of the best, fastest, and healthiest meals require absolutely no recipes, no prep work, and really, not a whole lot of thought!

If you’ve got some kind of protein, vegetables, oil or water, a little salt and pepper, and a pan or grill, you’ve got a healthy meal coming your way in a matter of minutes.

Seriously…who doesn’t love a grilled dinner!?

You can mass grill (or even bake) your proteins – whether meats, seafood, or protein alternatives and piles of veggies all at once with hardly any prep or clean up.

This isn’t rocket science I’m sharing with you today but rather a reminder that healthy is accessible all the time.

And guess what!

You can apply the same concepts when dining out.

You can get grilled protein and veggies anywhere.

You can get salads with protein and lite dressings or balsamic vinegar at fast-food restaurants now.

Healthy is EVERYWHERE if you choose it!

What’s your favorite, simple healthy meal? I would love if you’d share!

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