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The Miracle Of A Weekend Routine

I recently talked about how to plan your day, and why it is more important than ever to schedule your day to include exercise and movement to stay motivated and healthy during the lockdown and beyond.

Scheduling your day gives you structure and allows you to develop a routine. Should that stop on the weekends?


Our bodies crave routine. With our current situation, we have plenty of time to get the rest our bodies need every day and be active during all the times we’d be commuting or running errands on the weekends. It's easy to just stay in bed all day or binge-watch the latest Amazon or NetFlix drama.


7 a.m.: Morning Ritual: Wake up, drink a glass of water, take vitamins/meds

7:30: Gratitude Practice / Meditation

8 a.m.: Workout / Active Recovery

9 a.m.: Shower

9:15 a.m. Breakfast

10 a.m.: House Chore (decluttering, cleaning, yard work, gardening, etc); Playtime with kids; Meal Planning/food preparation; or Personal development

1 p.m.: Lunch, get outside for fresh air, talk a walk around your neighborhood

2 p.m.: Errands, house chores, more playtime with your kids, meal planning/food preparation, or personal development

6:30 p.m.: Dinner

7:30 p.m.: Fun/family time! Do something creative, write random cards to family members/friends, family fitness time, family board/video games,

10 p.m.: Reading, gratitude practice, and sleep!

What exactly is “active recovery?”

Active recovery is giving your body a break from your normal workout grind to allow your body to rest but still move. Activities like walking, meditation, foam rolling, yoga, tai chi, hiking, etc. Anything that keeps you moving without overtaxing your body. My favorites are hiking and foam rolling.

Take a few minutes and plan out your perfect weekend routine! I’d love to see it. Share, comment, or shoot me a message with your routine.

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