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Yes, I'm glad I have an autoimmune condition.

I have lived more than 20 years with my autoimmune condition. It took 8 years to get a diagnosis.

Autoimmune conditions are invisible. You aren't always so sick you can't function.

More often than not, the symptoms are little things. Symptoms that by themselves are no big deal.

But together they mean something much more serious is happening inside the body.

Getting others to understand that is real becomes a huge challenge.

Getting a diagnosis doesn't always bring the relief we want.

Instead, the diagnosis means experimentation.

I had to experiment with my lifestyle to figure out what caused my flares and what didn't.

Was it food? Exercise? Sleep? Stress?

The answer is yes.

--> My autoimmune condition flares because of food...a lack of nutrient-dense foods. #iloveprotein

--> My autoimmune condition flares because of exercise...the wrong kinds of exercise. #exerciseinducedflares

--> My autoimmune condition flares because my stress levels are either too high or too low. #stressisgoodandbad

--> My autoimmune condition flares because I don't get high-quality sleep. #REMsleep

Hell, sometimes I think it's listening to me and when I mention its name three times in the mirror...just kidding!

Let me know if this resonates with you...

I've honed my autoimmune coaching skills by practice and patience with my own body. And helping 100s of clients like me.

I'm glad I have an autoimmune condition. It makes me who I am. I don't back down. I understand the people I work with...whether they have arthritis, lupus, MS, or chronic pain.

I understand the daily struggle.

I understand the internal battle.

I understand the desire to strangle the immune system or nervous system.

I understand the desire to feel normal.

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