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5 Ways I Help My Autoimmune Clients

5 Ways I help autoimmune clients…

✔️Save Money By Reducing Medications - By losing weight, balancing hormones, and eating healthy, my clients (especially type 2 diabetics) often reduce the number of medications they’re taking daily

✔️Drop A Few Dress Sizes - Losing weight while eating more and exercising to reduce inflammation is one of the best ways to sustainable weight loss!

✔️Run around after or pick up kids/grandkids - For my clients with kids and grandkids, this ranks highest on their priority list. Using my extensive background in Pilates, post-rehab work, and strength training, I help clients get back to fun activities!

✔️Eat Amazing Food Again - Restrictive diets like low carb diets, keto, paleo, etc are not sustainable. And constantly measuring food and hours planning meals is tedious and anxiety inducing. Eating healthy doesn’t mean sacrificing AMAZING FOOD. You 100% can eat healthy and enjoy the food you’re eating.

✔️Have more energy - Eating more and exercising the right way to help the body heal has an amazing effect on our energy levels! My clients start noticing they can tackle more projects or have the energy after a full workday to still play with their kids or go on adventures on the weekend.

These are just some of the ways I help my autoimmune clients rebuild their relationship with exercise and eating.

My goal is to help every client learn to manage inflammation - the root cause of autoimmune flares, so that they can enjoy life again to its fullest.

Whether diagnosed years, months, or days ago, my coaching programs help my clients unlock the secrets to fight their top complaints associated with autoimmune conditions. Including brain fog, joint pain, muscle aches, fatigue, and weight gain.

I’m so thankful every day to work with my amazing clients who don’t all have the same autoimmune condition, life situations, or backgrounds but we all have one goal: live a sustainably healthy life.

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