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9 Major Reasons Why You Still Haven’t Reached Your Goals Yet (and the one way to finally get there)

Can you believe it is already MAY!

I’m really excited about my email subscriber content I’ve been working on for this month. I’m talking about healthy aging.

Get this:

  • About half of all participants drop out of their weight loss programs before ever finishing them.

  • The reason most weight loss programs fail is they are very restrictive diets. Restricting calorie intake and/or what you can eat (here’s looking at keto)

  • 61% of Americans say they gained weight during the pandemic. Current predictions have that weight gain number at 29 pounds per person! YIKES!

Why is the FAILURE rate so high for weight loss?

Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Lack of knowledge about food science and human physiology

  2. Lack of strategy

  3. Lack of focus (got distracted, or allowed themselves to be pulled in different directions) - the good ole “don’t have time excuse”

  4. Didn’t take the time to understand the relationship between mind, body, and fuel

  5. Not believing that you can actually lose weight

  6. Got too comfortable or complacent - it’s super easy to order grubhub every day

  7. Distracted by all the internet rumors out there on what, how, when to eat

  8. Bought all the books and joined all the free challenges but no follow through on their quest for healthy habits, weight loss, etc.

And lastly and probably most importantly: All the focus is on the WRONG THINGS.

When focused on all the wrong things, you:

  • get stuck repeating all the bad habits that never help you lose weight

  • keep telling yourself you’ll start tomorrow

  • become a master of self-deception (no really that pint of ice cream won’t hurt me, right?)

  • start experiencing anxiety, body shaming yourself, poor quality sleep

  • Feeling burnt out by work, life, and even cooking

Developing healthy habits and a healthy relationship with food and exercise are the most important things you could ever do for your weight loss.

It’s the number one thing that causes diet-burn out and weight loss drop out. When you forget that you are a person with feelings and that your body is listening to you, it creates a negative feedback loop. Causing all sorts of dysregulation in our bodies leading to inflammation, whacky hormones, and lack of motivation.

This month I’m diving deep into healthy aging at all ages for my email subscribers. And not just because I’m aging too, hello 4th decade!

Our bodies change significantly every decade and it’s important to recognize and appreciate all that our bodies do for us and why connecting our mind, body, and goals is so necessary!

Be sure to join my email list to get the full email series on healthy aging at any age!

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