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9 Of The Best Hydrating Fruits Plus 5 Super Hydrating Vegetables

Hydration isn’t just about the amount of water you are drinking every day. Our nutrition plays a huge role in maintaining our optimal hydration levels. We know that the more fruit and vegetables we eat the better our bodies will feel and perform.

I don’t think it comes as any surprise that fruits are pretty hydrating with all their natural juices but a number of vegetables also round out the list for being very hydrating as well. Check out the list below!


  1. Cucumber (95% water)

  2. Tomatoes (94% water)

  3. Watermelon (92% water)

  4. Bell Peppers (92% water)

  5. Strawberries (91% water)

  6. Cantaloupe (90% water)

  7. Peaches (89% water)

  8. Oranges (88% water)

  9. Grapefruit (88% water)


  1. Celery (95% water)

  2. Lettuce (95% water)

  3. Zucchini (94% water)

  4. Cauliflower (92% water)

  5. Cabbage (92% water)

In addition to helping us stay hydrated, these fruits and vegetables also provide us with our much-needed fiber and essential antioxidants for our optimal human performance. Let me know your favorites from these 14 fruits and vegetables. And yes, bell peppers and tomatoes are fruits.

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