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FREE 2021 Vision Planning Workshop!

It's HERE!

Registration is now open for the FREE 2021 Vision Planning Workshop!

In this 60 minute workshop, we will be uncovering the limiting beliefs that are holding you back, visualizing the BEST possible outcome of 2021, and uncovering the strategy to help you stay focused and achieve your vision plan!

In December 2019, I sat down and wrote my intentions for 2020. I had the biggest and baddest dreams for the year!

Little did I know, we would get smacked in the face with a global pandemic that's literally crushed the Pilates & fitness


Amazingly enough, I was still able to accomplish many of the intentions I set!

These include:

  • Shifting my focus from the gym to my online audience, you!

  • I’ve been able to take some amazing continuing education classes online with the top leaders in the Pilates industry allowing me to hone my skills even more!

  • Not to mention all the hiking I've tackled, including parts of the 150 miles of the old C&O Canal Trails that connects Pittsburgh, PA to Cumberland, MD.

There were so many other small intangible things on my vision plan for 2020, and I am AMAZED by how many I was able to manifest despite the craziness of this year!

It's not just about visualizing but it was also about taking aligned action steps to make it happen.

I trusted my gut, took action, and didn't let my fears hold me back (at least not for too long...because let's be honest we all have fear from time to time).

So, I want to share with you my vision planning process, in hopes that it gives you something to look forward to in 2021.

If you're ready to shift and transform, click this link to register:

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