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The #1 thing to do right now

In these crazy times, we have a drive and desire to stay informed. We want to know if things are getting better or worse, if the lockdown orders are extending or lifting, and if everything is going to be ok.

Being plugged into the news is addictive.

Would you like to know why?

It’s because your brain is perfectly designed to protect the multi-millennia old you. That’s right – your brain is confusing the danger of the virus and global restrictions with a saber tooth tiger chasing you.

Because that’s what it’s designed to do – to keep you safe at all costs.

And unfortunately, our biology hasn’t really caught up to the modern world. So, we are all on red alert for danger like never before...and your brain is CRAVING the constant updates to know whether or not you’re safe.

It can be truly paralyzing.

I always think that knowing a bit of science and how it dictates your emotions is helpful so you can have a better sense of control.

My best advice for you is to stay MINIMALLY INFORMED. Know what you need to know and turn off the rest.

And remember that news channels are competing for your attention, so the more scary and dramatic they can present their stories, the better for them.

Next time you’re feeling anxious through all of this, just remember the truth of what’s happening biologically and in regard to creating intentional hysteria – then turn off the news, get out and feel the sunshine, and remember that this will pass.

We got this.

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