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The moment that changed how I live with an autoimmune disorder

I will never forget walking out of yet another doctor’s office with tears of frustration and the fear that I’d never feel better. I’ve lived with an autoimmune condition for more than 20 years.

I know the ups and downs of pain, feeling exhausted from the smallest task, and the ongoing quest to find the energy to keep going.

I’ve missed out on events with friends and family because the lack of energy and pain kept me sidelined.

When I first started to experience my autoimmune symptoms, my doctors just assumed I was partying all night long like “most 20-year-olds.”

I was ignored, mistreated, and made to feel that my symptoms weren't real. Even my family and friends didn't understand.

I was an athletic teen and young adult having spent my entire life as a ballet and modern dancer.

Suddenly unable to do those things was heartbreaking and worse, I was dismissed by medical professionals. It was truly demoralizing.

I went 8 years before I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition by an ER doc. Getting a diagnosis wasn't the game-changing moment. It was nice to be justified, heard, and believed.

My ex-primary care physician told me she didn’t believe the diagnosis and that it was all in my head. She wanted me to take antidepressants and get over it by using pills. I never filled her countless scripts for drugs I knew I didn't need.

My game-changing moment came about 8 months after my diagnosis when I met with my rheumatologist for the first time.

And I'll never forget it, she said: do your own research. It was the first time I'd been told by a doctor to use Dr Google!

My condition is rare and so is the information. So while it was great to hear that my doc was open and wanted to discuss anything I found on my condition, I'd already read and seen everything, but I was still motivated to search more.

By trade, I'm a Medical Exercise Specialist and Pilates Teacher. I'm a personal trainer with more education, training, and experience using exercise to help various health and medical conditions. Autoimmune disorders, chronic illnesses, joint replacements, and more all find their way under my umbrella of clients.

I decided to tackle my own health as I do with my clients.

I soon had a plan of action for myself and over the years of trial and error on myself, learning from working with my clients, I've developed a fully comprehensive system to help individuals with autoimmune disorders and chronic illnesses.

One of the first things I do in my system is to instill the most important game-changer I received: empowerment.

Taking ownership of an autoimmune disorder or chronic illness legitimizes all the emotions and circumstances that accompany the diagnosis.

It allows the person to invest back in themselves, develop inner strength, confidence, focus, and determination.

I felt all of those emotions when my doc empowered me. It's one of the reasons I choose every day to work with people living with autoimmune and chronic conditions.

We all need someone who hears us and understands, even if conditions are different, there are often so many crossover symptoms and struggles.

To learn more about my program or to set up a consultation, click here.

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