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Everything is a choice

Updated: May 27, 2020

Our choices every day help us grow or slowly take us down. I don’t believe that there are any neutral choices in life, really. And too often, over time we make enough of those small and seemingly insignificant choices that take us down. We put off getting fit and healthy. We’ll quit the job that’s sucking our soul when the time is right. We’ll leave that miserable relationship when the timing is *perfect*. We have so many stories that we tell ourselves, but they’re all lies and it comes down to this… IT’S EASIER TO BELIEVE OUR OWN LIES. Because when we believe the lies we stay small. We don’t take risk. We stay in our comfort zones. We appease our egos. And that’s FAR easier than the discomfort of growth and change. So, if you are reading this and there’s more you want for yourself in any area of life, act now. Not later. Not tomorrow. Literally right now otherwise it’ll likely never happen. And you’ll look back at the end of the year or next year or five years or ten…and just wish… Wish the choices were different. Wonder and yearn for what could’ve been if you’d made that scary decision. But I promise you this, the more risk you take and the more scarier decisions you lean into, the easier they become. More abundance comes into your life. There’s more ease and less anxiety around big, life-changing decisions. Simply, you create a fulfilling life and unwavering trust in yourself. And to me, that’s priceless.

So, what are you holding back on right now? What tough, uncomfortable decision do you need to make to move your business and/or life forward? I would love it if you did me the honor of commenting on this post and sharing.

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