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Information isn’t the issue

If you want to change your body, one of the most common defaults for people to fall into is research mode.

  • They read all the articles that come up in their social media newsfeed.

  • They do all the Googling.

  • They ask all of their friends what’s worked for them.

  • They buy all the books and magazines.

All of it in search of the perfect solution.

I want to tell you what’s going on here...

This is simply a way that we can stall. It’s how we delay starting because we know change is challenging. It’s NOT that you don’t know enough - especially if you’ve got the support of a coach.

Heck, there is more info than ever before on dieting and exercise, all with conflicting schools of thought.

And just why do I think I'm so right? Because I do it too.

My opinion?

Research is the fastest way to confuse yourself. Start making the changes you know are right:

  • Skip the dessert

  • Order the side salad instead of the fries

  • Drink water

  • Move your body

  • Worry less about how to do it perfectly and just get started

Because if you never really get started you never see progress. And if you don’t see progress, you quit.

So, the next time you catch yourself in research mode, remember my words here and just GO. Send me a message today and we'll schedule a chat and get you moving.

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